Don’t Impose Digital Exclusion On Your Clients

Patrick Nash, chief executive of Connect Assist, says charities should be using the Internet to connect with their clients, as opposed to only using digital as a fundraising tool.

In Charities Management magazine, Patrick Nash explains why the way in which charities deliver their services needs to change.

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Case Study

NHS Plus - Health 4 Work Adviceline

Since August 2012 we have delivered the free Health for Work Adviceline which is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions. The service provides small businesses with the expert advice and support they need to help team members experiencing ill health and other occupational health issues. The Health for Work Adviceline had a requirement to cut costs, develop a sustainable funding model whilst delivering a high quality service to those who often feel unable to obtain professional occupational health advice due to the smaller size of their business.


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