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    The charity sector: how it survived the recession and looking to the future

    This week I write about how the charity sector has reacted and responded to the recession. As we look ahead to the New Year, the economy is in gradual recovery with the Bank of England predicting an economic growth of 2.9% in 2015, although many are not feeling the benefits of this. The deepest UK […]

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    The First Minister helps us celebrate our ninth birthday

    We are thrilled to announce that the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones visited our contact centre to celebrate our ninth birthday. Our CEO Patrick Nash greeted the First Minister and provided him with a tour of the centre, before he cut the cake to celebrate our anniversary. As part of the visit, he met […]

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    A timeline: 25 years in the helpline sector

    Charities play a much larger role in society compared to when I started out in the third sector, over 35 years ago. This week, I’m reflecting on my quarter of a century in the helpline sector. Looking back at the growth of the charity sector over the last few decades, one of its greatest success […]

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    How seasonal change can affect your users

    This month I blog about how seasonal change can affect the people that need your help most. Although the autumn, with its colourful leaves and blustery showers, can sometimes be welcome, October has brought with it a noticeable change in weather – the nights are creeping in and the temperatures are steadily dropping. And with […]

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    How to encourage fundraising from ‘millennials’

    This week, I am blogging about how to engage the younger generation in charitable fundraising. This comes in the wake of a recent survey that reveals a rise in donations from the so-called ‘millennials’ – the 18 – 35 year-old generation who grew up during the rise of the World Wide Web. So how do […]

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    Why the #IceBucketChallenge works and what it can teach us

    This week we’re blogging about the latest nomination craze that has taken social media by storm. If you’ve been wondering why so many people are filming themselves pouring water over their heads recently, it’s actually a successful charity fundraising campaign, named the ice bucket challenge, which tasks people to withstand a bucket of ice-cold water […]

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