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    Five ways to make an impact with your helpline

    So, you’ve established the need for a new helpline service, your resources are all in place and your team are ready to staff the phones. But how are you going to connect with the right audiences to ensure that your service reaches the people who really need it? These are my top tips for making […]

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    How employing a diverse workforce can benefit charity service users

    By Patrick Nash Employing a diverse workforce can make a huge difference to the experience a charity delivers to its service users. Most people decide to work in the charity sector to help people less fortunate than them. Personal experiences can inspire people to make a positive change to those living in difficult circumstances, and […]

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    The Brooke: Connect Assist conducts a comprehensive review of communication with donors

    Brief  The Brooke is an international animal welfare organisation that aims to  improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the  world’s poorest communities, including Africa, Asia and Latin America. It  supports communities that are dependent on animals for their livelihoods  by offering veterinary treatment, training and education programmes on  animal […]

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    A charity’s guide on how to make outsourcing work for you

    My last blog looked at how outsourcing contact services can help protect a charity’s reputation. This time here is my advice on what every charity needs to consider outsourcing services to external organisations. When it comes to outsourcing their services, charities often have concerns. And it’s understandable why. Most charities work with very sensitive data, […]

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    How outsourcing can help protect – and boost – a charity’s reputation

    By Patrick Nash With charity donor communications in the spotlight following the tragic death of Olive Cooke, I explain why outsourced providers must do all they can to help protect a charity’s most valuable asset – its reputation. As I write, charities are facing scrutiny from the media following the death of poppy seller and […]

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    How can charities prepare themselves for change?

    By Patrick Nash What will be the impact of the general election on the third sector? And how charities can prepare themselves for inevitable changes. As I write, we have a week to go until the ballot papers are counted and verified and then all the polls suggest it may be a while before a […]

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Case Study

Helplines Association

The Challenge was to modernise the labour-intensive, paper-based evidence-gathering process for THA’s Helplines Standard accreditation scheme.

Services used: Digital Service Delivery


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