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    Managing risk when delivering services in the cloud

    A growing number of organisations are considering moving their services to the cloud as they realise the benefits it can bring. But while cloud security is slowly improving, and trust in the service is growing, there are still a number of risks and considerations that should be taken into account. Here, we look at the […]

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    Why collaboration needs to be on the radar for the charity sector

    By Ron Moody According to the latest Charity Commission figures, there are currently more than 183,000 charities operating in England and Wales, collectively spending almost £60 billion a year on good causes. A growing number of people, including senior figures within the third sector, are starting to feel the market is becoming crowded. Wherever you […]

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    What has 2016 taught us about the contact centre industry?

    By Patrick Nash The last two years have certainly been challenging for the contact centre industry, and particularly for those working within the charity and voluntary sector. While 2015 taught us some difficult lessons about the use of fundraising methods in some call centres, 2016 has seen a string of data failures and cases of […]

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    How charities are using apps to engage with service users

    By Ron Moody   At Connect Assist, we understand that service users are often vulnerable and find it difficult to ask for help using traditional channels such as telephone and face-to-face conversations.   By making our services available across a wide range of communication platforms, service users feel reassured that support is always on hand, […]

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    Five considerations to make when integrating your charity helpline

    By Adam Wilkinson  Charities face a huge set of challenges when managing multiple different communications streams with service users and donors. There are many factors to consider when running a helpline, particularly when complex and vulnerable people are relying on a certain level of support. It is therefore easy to understand why so many voluntary […]

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    Why we take our time to recruit and train our staff

    By Sharon James   Recent research has found that, on average, newly hired call centre employees receive 15 days of training before taking calls from service users. While this may be enough time to provide a thorough overview of a helpline and its service users, at Connect Assist we believe staff training needs to go […]

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CiC: Connect Assist provides specially trained staff for out-of-hours helpline


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