White Paper – Rethinking Third Sector Funding

White Paper – Rethinking Third Sector Funding.  This paper looks at how to meet service demand while cutting costs.

This Connect Assist Paper looks at arguably the most pressing issue for third sector organisations today: the challenges and opportunities of the current economic environment and the Coalition Government’s comprehensive spending review.

We look at the inescapable new facts of life: reduced income, increased demand, and funding in evershorter supply. How should you respond? The obvious options have their pros and cons, but none of them offers a sustainable solution.

Instead, we need to recognise that radically changed circumstances call for equally fundamental and permanent changes to the way we operate. Rather than seek more funds we must invent sustainable ways of doing more with less. The good news is that when you do so, you are likely to find that you have also greatly enhanced the services you provide and their accessibility by clients and users.

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About the author :

Patrick Nash has worked in the third sector for his whole career, establishing 14 charities, social enterprises and cooperatives. He set up Connect Assist to help charities improve their efficiency and impact, and to create skilled jobs in the South Wales valleys. Connect Assist provides transformational help lines and online platforms to deliver feedback and insight, and to engage with the communities that charities serve.
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