Connect Assist Bucks The Trend By Employing Ex-Public Sector Workers

‘Welsh firms looking to expand…but won’t employ from public sector’. This is one of the headlines in last weeks’ Daily Post. It seems that whilst the majority of companies plan to create new jobs this year, they remain uninterested in ex-public sector candidates.

According to the Barclays Job Creation Survey 2012, the 670 executives interviewed revealed that they would mainly only be looking to employ private sector staff. The results reveal that 35% are ‘not at all’ interested in employing public sector workers who might have lost their jobs through government spending cuts.

Having received a £123,000 grant from the Wales Economic Growth Fund, Connect Assist has made the headlines this week for creating and safeguarding 23 jobs in the South Wales valleys. Ten of the new employees are ex-public sector workers. With Connect Assist offering multi-channel helplines and digital service delivery to charities and the public sector, my view is that ex-public sector employees have much to offer social enterprises such as ours.

Employing people from the public sector is a great advantage to a company delivering support to members of the public. They often have a real commitment to improving the lives of people who need support. From experience, we’ve found that public sector employees share similar values to Connect Assist and the third sector organisations we work with.

Connect Assist was the fastest growing contact centre company in the Wales Fast Growth 50 in 2011, employing 44 people by the end of the year. By December this year we expect to have 75 full-time employees and look forward to finding jobs for some of the many locally-based public sector employees who will be losing their jobs in the next 12 months.

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