Digital Campaigning: How To Effectively Deliver Your Services, Reaching Those Who Need Your Support

With asthma attacks being the cause of 1,100 deaths in the UK each year, leading charity Asthma UK realised it needed a new platform in order to reach sufferers who hadn’t previously contacted them for support. And the launch of their latest digital campaign has proven to be incredibly successful.

The one-minute online test asks a series of questions and assigns the respondent with a colour-coded category, diagnosing how much risk that individual is from having an attack. Once completed, the participant is provided with information on how to control the symptoms and what to do when having an attack.

So far, 36,150 people have completed the online test. This digital campaign has also provided Asthma UK with new findings. Those who suffer from asthma considerably underestimate the possibility of an attack with over half of those who took the test claiming that they did not think that they were at an increased risk. In fact, 93 per cent were at either increased or highly increased risk.

This is one example of many charities across the UK that have been able to reach new audiences and gain new findings through the use of digital campaigns. Digital literacy is widespread in the UK and many people prefer to access information, advice and guidance from the internet instead of face to face intervention. Since the launch of Asthma UK’s campaign, 2,300 people who had not previously contacted the charity, submitted their e-mail addresses to receive further information.

Many charities are using digital services but fewer are directly delivering online tests, advice or support to individuals through digital means. Connect Assist works with third and public organisations to increase their services without increasing costs, in order to reach more people and make fundamental changes in their lives. The range of online support includes web self-service, smart assistant, mobile services, live chat and social media.

If you suffer from asthma and want to take the Triple A Test: Avoid Asthma Attacks please visit the Asthma UK website here:


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