British Red Cross Uses Facebook As Part Of Its First- Aid Campaign

To mark the launch of the Life. Live It campaign which focuses on issues such as alcohol, drugs, self-harm and traffic accidents, the British Red Cross last week encouraged young people to view a house party live on their Facebook page. Inviting 150 young people to attend the real life party which was being filmed and streamed online, the event takes a turn when an actor collapses and another actor puts the young girl in the recover position. Paramedics, who were in fact actors, appear and takes the girl to hospital.

The purpose of this event was to show the first-aid skills that are necessary when faced with this kind of situation and to convey this in a way that is relatable for teenagers. To gain the maximum number of viewers, in the weeks leading up to the event the charity used Facebook advertising which appeared 6,368,854 times on the profiles of 13-18 year olds. This campaign was incredibly successful with almost 17,000 people discussing it on Facebook during the event. As a result of the success of this campaign, the footage will be part of a teaching resource that will be sent to every secondary school in the UK.

 Fiona Smith of the British Red Cross said:

“This is a truly innovative way of communicating first aid to a youth audience. We asked young people what they wanted to know and what was relevant to their lives, and responded to that. By communicating directly with teenagers and working with schools, we want to build a generation of young people who have the confidence to act to save lives.”

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