Using Digital Technology To Assist With Tracking Health Problems

Charities are continuously under pressure to answer the needs of their service users whilst ensuring that money is being spent wisely.  At last, more are deploying digital services to deliver online tests, advice and support to individuals. This week’s digital campaign by Prostate Action is a great example of a charity using mobile webapp’s to reach those who would rather not turn to face to face intervention.

Its campaign is a new smartphone web application that uses interactive symbols to help men answer key questions about their toilet habits, men who would otherwise suffer in silence.   To answer the question ‘how much?’, the user is asked to choose from a choice of on-screen containers ranging from an egg cup to a pint glass. By doing this, the data can then be shared with their doctor and a diagnosis will be made.

Healthcare experts believe that men tend to prefer to suffer in silence, especially on issues such as urinary problems that can cause embarrassment. What this app has to offer is a digital version of a ‘bladder diary’ that would usually be provided by a GP – offering a confidential and discreet means of tracking possible urinary problems. This is only one example of a charity using a digital campaign to reach their service users in a way that is effective, convenient yet confidential.

We are already working with a number of charities to increase their services without increasing costs, in order to reach more people and make fundamental changes in their lives. The range of online support includes web self-service, smart assistant, mobile services, live chat and social media.  All our charity services have a smartphone web app.

If you would like to try this app, it is available on the internet for mobile devices at

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