Despite the snow it’s business as usual at Connect Assist

Despite the Welsh landscape being covered in the beautiful snow – resulting in the majority of travel options being cut off for most of our team – it is most definitely business as usual here at Connect Assist for ourselves, our customers and their users.

Our comprehensive business continuity arrangements – which includes remote access for all of our staff members – ensures that all enquiry-handling will proceed as normal.

Deputy CEO Rusty Livock said:

“Many of our staff who live in the valleys were unable to get into work thanks to the weather, but all of our systems are operating as usual. We provide support services on behalf of charities to people who need them most – some of the most vulnerable people in society in fact – so it’s crucial that we can still provide those helplines even in adverse conditions.

“As at all periods of adverse weather, staff have taken their laptops home, ensuring that all telephone, web and SMS enquires are managed as though they were physically sat in the centre. The public we are there to help see no difference from their perspective, which is the crucial thing.

“Our customers can be secure in the knowledge that their users continue to receive a seamless, professional service despite the big freeze!”


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