Innovative thinking will minimise the impact of rate relief cuts


This week, I consider how rate relief cuts could affect charity fundraising and discuss innovative ways in which charities could avoid the losses often associated with funding cuts. 

It’s understandable that significant cuts to charity rate relief are causing concern amongst the Third Sector. New legislation could see reduced business rate relief drop from 80 to 50 per cent for charity shops in Wales from 2022.

With increased rates charity shop closures are inevitable, which could result in a dip in fundraising efforts. This leads us to ask if we should now be thinking less about bricks and more about clicks i.e. looking at how to innovatively influence supporters online.

There has been a huge boom in click and collect offerings from major retailers this year, with more and more people choosing to make purchases online rather than in store, while at the same time opting to economise on delivery costs.

So how can charities profit from these buying habits and target supporters?

There are a number of new websites that donate a given percentage to the user’s favourite charity, according to the amount of time spent browsing and / or the amount spent on purchases.

An established favourite for donations through purchases is Give As You Live. eBay for charity is good for auctions and Search2Give is a popular website for donating while searching online.

It’s extremely straightforward for charities to sign up to these websites but it is imperative that charities publicise and tell supporters they are using them – only a combined effort from your charity and its supporters will allow you to start seeing an impact.

Regularly remind your supporters of these partnerships you’ve set up. Twitter and newsletter updates, detailing how much has been raised through these methods,  can present a quick and easy way to do so.

Affiliate partnerships require a minimal investment of time and can be a great way to build up small, additional amounts of funds. Positioning your logo on affiliate sites can reach new audiences as well as direct them back to your site.

What other innovative methods has your charity thought of to minimise the impact of proposed rate relief cuts?

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