Our CEO Patrick Nash to present at two high profile public sector and charity conferences

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Our Chief Executive, Patrick Nash, will speak at two prestigious conferences about the benefits of digital in the charity and public sectors. Patrick will be present at the Third Sector’s Digital Edge Conference on Wednesday 2nd April and the Oracle Citizen Engagement in Public Sector Roadshow on the 8th and 9th April.

Digital edge

Third Sector Digital Edge

The social entrepreneur will be a guest speaker at the prominent Digital Edge conference on 2nd April in London. At the Third Sector event, charity professionals will hear from sector experts on how to best engage with their supporters over digital platforms, including how to use digital and social channels to deliver campaigns that increase awareness, engagement and ultimately boost donations.

Patrick will be giving his expert opinion on how technology can boost engagement in the third sector. His presentation will explain how investment in digital can boost a charity’s supporter care functions and build stronger relationships with donors, while saving money.

Last year, our Third Sector Insight survey revealed that less than one in five charity owners feel they are effectively engaging with supporters through digital channels. To help remedy this shortcoming, Patrick will share examples from his charity sector experience, spanning over 30 years, offering key insight as to how delivering digital services will make communications and fundraising more effective and engaging.

We have helped a number of charities improve their user communications, including The Royal British Legion, Barnardo’s and Grocery Aid.

Oracle Citizen Engagement in the Public Sector

Patrick will also be a guest speaker at the Oracle Citizen Engagement in Public Sector Roadshow, both at the London event on 8th April and at the Manchester event on 9th April. The high profile conference, specifically targeted at professionals within the public sector, will offer a non-technical sharing of experience and knowledge from sector experts and advisers on how to maximise services in the context of a diminishing budget.

Patrick Nash will draw on his extensive experience on the public sector, having spearheaded work with organisations including Sussex Police and the NHS Health for Work Adviceline.  Speaking to delegates about efficiencies in the public sector, Patrick will explain how a ‘digital first’ approach can drive down an organisation’s costs while improving user satisfaction levels.

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