Royal British Legion We partnered to deploy a digital first contact centre and area office strategy.



The Royal British Legion is the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, established in 1921. It is dedicated to providing care and support to serving members of the Armed Forces, ex-Service men and women and their families.

Our brief was to help bring the charity’s initial enquiry services up-to-date, as it needed to meet urgent demands from its changing and growing user-base, as well as make it much easier for people needing help and support to get this quickly and effectively.

The charity made a bold decision to re-structure the way in which beneficiary needs were met, and made a commitment to create the most effective route to deliver those needs.


We helped deliver a major change in the Legion’s service delivery.

We worked to create a ‘digital first’ approach, making digital the first port of call for service-users. In leveraging state-of-the-art digital technology, we enabled users to easily access help through a ‘web chat’ service and multi-platform online knowledge-bases, which are open up to 24 hours a day.

This ‘digital first’ approach empowers users to access support and information online, at times most convenient to them. Crucially, it allows telephone advisers to focus their attention on those most in need of services, who may require more personal help and support.

We worked with the Legion to create it’s first ever contact centre, which offers a helpline staffed by  ex-Forces personnel. This ensures advisers genuinely understand the issues they help users resolve every day. The helpline is available 7 days a week.

We created a fully integrated customer relationship management system that links the digital services, contact centre and 16 Legion Area Offices across the UK. This means an individual needing help or support can quickly access the best resources to meet their circumstances.



Working with the Royal British Legion, we have transformed the way in which members of the Armed Forces community can access help from the charity. Instead of tracking down a local office and waiting for a call or visit from an individual worker, those in need can access expert help directly through three unified points-of-contact; online (including mobile), telephone or face-to-face.

The system is backed by an easy-to-use online presence mirroring a new generation of free high street ‘Pop-in’ centres built to make the Legion’s services and staff much more accessible. Many people are seen straight away, with swift appointments for more complex cases.

Before we started working with the Legion, calls were running at around 1,400 a month or, on average, 46 a day. Within the first month of the partnership that figure had soared to over 160 calls daily.

Call volumes have now increased by 503%, averaging at 10,800 calls a month. During predicted peaks in enquires such as Poppy Appeal or unplanned peaks such as the Tower of London poppies, these call volumes more than doubled.

Today, we are dealing with over 270 live chat sessions and handle more than 2,600 emails every month. We are consistently meeting service and quality levels.

For every 100 service enquiries we receive from those in need, 62 are solved via self-service services on our digital platform and 38 go directly to our contact centre. Of these 38 enquires, 26 are supported by our contact centre advisors and 12 are then assigned to a relevant Area Office.

These results mean that on average, Royal British Legion is able to deliver instant expert advice to someone every two minutes – transforming service levels and access to help for those who serve their country when they are most in need.


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