Our policy and procedures

Equality and Diversity


Connect Assist is committed to promoting and achieving equality of opportunity for all staff, customers,  visitors and service users without discrimination. We believe that all people are of equal value and are entitled to equality of opportunity irrespective of ability, disability, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, age, social class, appearance or sexual orientation.

Values, Principles and Standards

Equality of opportunity is fundamental to good practice within our business sector and within education, in which fairness of opportunity for all is a basic right.  This policy is therefore underpinned by the following values, principles and standards:

• Equality and social justice

• Acknowledging and valuing diversity

• Respect for others

• Compliance with equal opportunities legislation

• Actively challenge stereotypes, prejudiced attitudes and unfair discriminatory behaviour

• Commitment to the positive development of all staff and Contact Centre employees

• Accountability for compliance with this policy by all employees. We also require contractors, partners, suppliers and volunteers to support this policy in delivery of their services.

We understand and value the importance of diversity. Diversity is about valuing people’s differences and treating people with dignity and respect. We recognise that providing an equal service to all people is not about treating everyone the same as this works against equality because not everyone has the same service needs. Therefore, we are committed to responding to the diverse needs of the people who use our services and have tools like language line talk and type to assist individuals as required.

• Monitor all the groups of people who use our service.

• Monitor and support the diversity of all employees who deliver the service.

• Ensure that all employees understand what equality in service provision means.

• Ensure that customer complaints/queries/comments are dealt with in a fair, sensitive and consistent manner.

Communication of the Policy

We will take active steps to communicate this Equality and Diversity Policy to all employees, customers, service users, partners, contractors and visitors to Connect Assist.


The objectives of this Equality and Diversity Policy are to:

• Develop an ethos which respects and values all people.

• Monitor the groups of people who use our service.

• Monitor and support the diversity of all employees who deliver the service.

• Promote the development and design of services that are sensitive to the requirements of the diverse population we serve.

• Train staff on understanding, promoting and supporting equality and diversity within service provision and in the workplace.

• Eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination, bullying, harassment or other oppressive behaviour

• Deliver and monitor equality and diversity through our company policies, procedures and practice

• Do our utmost, within available resources, to promote diversity to and in partnership with, service users and clients

• Ensure that customer complaints/queries/comments are dealt with in a fair, sensitive and consistent manner

• Set necessary targets for improvement and evaluate equality and diversity action through employee feedback and annual reviews.


The Executive Management Team & Directors are responsible for:

• Making sure Connect Assist follows all of its equality and diversity policies and codes, and meets its legal responsibilities with respect to equality

• Giving a consistent and high-profile lead on equality and diversity

• Ensuring policies and procedures are in place to comply with all equality legislation

• Ensuring that the Connect Assist implements its equality and diversity policies and codes of practice

• Ensure that all staff act in accordance with this policy

• Provide staff with all necessary support and direction to enable them to comply with this Policy

The team managers are responsible for:

• Putting the equality and diversity policies and codes into practice

• Making sure that all staff know their responsibilities and receive the support and training necessary to carry them out

• Following the relevant procedures and taking action in cases of unfair discrimination, harassment or bullying

All staff are responsible for:

• Promoting equality and diversity, and avoiding unfair discrimination

• Challenging any incidents of unfair discrimination, or racial, sexual or other stereotyping, perpetrated by students or other staff

• Respecting others in their language and actions

• Adhering to the policy

Monitoring and Review

The policy is reviewed annually. In the event of an amendment, addition or change to the policy all service users and customers, where possible, will be made aware of these changes and all employees will be updated and trained accordingly to continue to provide an ongoing diverse & diversity aware service.


Connect Assist is committed to promoting equal opportunities we value diversity and encourages fairness and justice.  Connect Assist wants equal chances for everyone in the organisation, to work, learn and live free from discrimination and victimisation. 

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