Information Security Policy

This Information Security policy was drafted to record the commitment of Connect Assist limited and its employees to information security in all areas of the company operation.

We believe that security is paramount to our business and our client’s business, and therefore is critical to ensuring customer loyalty, reputation and turnover.

The Senior Management Team are committed to developing and implementing measurable policies and processes, while considering the protection of the company’s information assets from all threats and vulnerabilities, both internal and external by:

  • Fostering customer confidence by implementing policies and processes that comply with the requirements of ISO 27001, the International Information Security Management System standard
  • Continually improving the ISO 27001 compliant Business Management System through the establishment and regular review of measurable security objectives at relevant functions and levels of the organisation
  • Setting security objectives as part of the annual business planning and budgeting process and ensuring progress against these are reviewed as part of the monthly Senior Management Team meetings
  • Committing to comply with business and legal regulatory requirements and contractual security obligations
  • Providing systems for protection against unauthorised access and ensuring confidentiality of data
  • Developing, implementing, and testing a disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • Creating processes to identify and review the risks, threats, vulnerabilities and the impact of breaches on protected information, relating to the company’s information security assets
  • Communicating all relevant security policies to customers, employees and other interested parties as applicable
  • Regularly reviewing the Business Management System, to ensure its continuing suitability, as part of the annual management review process

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