Modernising services

Connect assist have worked with a number of organisations to help them modernise service delivery. This includes moving from a largely face-to-face service to telephony and online supported programmes. We have pioneered online coaching as an effective means of supporting people.

Improving access to services

Often a news service across more channels can improve access. More ways in which service users can contact the organisation means users use the channel of choice. We work in partnership to ensure that an organisation can widen its access and have resources in place to manage the success of this.

Integrating online and offline

Our service encourages users to access information and support through self-service channels, such as knowledge-bases and online Q&As, flagging up more complex enquiries to the user-assisted platforms such as phone and live web-chat.

Securing positive outcomes

We take outcomes very seriously here. It is not enough to know how many people have received a service such as counselling or advice. We need to know what positive difference that service has made to their lives. We work with organisations to collect outcome data as part of the workflow of a helpline or other service.

Winning new business

We work closely with our charity customers to help them secure new contracts with funders and other organisations, creating delivery and pricing models that allow them to win competitive tenders.