Increasing demands?


We understand that when the demand for your services increases, your income doesn’t necessarily increase with it.

With finite resources, your staff time is best spent supporting the maximum amount of service users. Our sophisticated Oracle RightNow Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will allow you to do exactly this, by creating:

  • Self-service web pages: Branded to fit your existing website, these dedicated pages allow users to access information for themselves. Users can also keep track of their support and learning in their own personal webpages.
  • Analytics: Our powerful in-built reporting suite means that you will be able to report on all interactions for the whole population served, segmented or on an individual user basis.
  • Campaigns and user journeys: The software allows you to automate email marketing campaigns to run in response to user behaviour, so that the workload of administering communication to potential donors is significantly reduced.

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Case Study

Bipolar UK

Awareness of bipolar disorder has increased significantly in recent years and the charity was struggling to manage rising volumes of sometimes very detailed calls from members and the general public.

Services used: Multi-channel Helplines Consultancy