Our unique CRM Technology


Oracle RightNow CX is a cloud-based technology platform that empowers your organisation to engage directly with your service users through social, web and contact centre experiences.

The platform boosts the efficiency of your organisation’s service user support, communication and engagement.

The sophisticated software allows people to help themselves to information in an accessible, user-friendly way.

Online self-service – combined with effective, integrated email and powerful marketing and feedback – make RightNow a fully comprehensive support and communication tool.

It is the ideal tool to support online information, advice, guidance, counseling, to manage user support journeys and engage service users.

Key Functionality of the RightNow CX Technology Platform

  • Self-service web pages: Branded to fit your existing website and allowing users to access information for themselves. Users can also keep track of their support and learning in their own personal pages.
  • Case-management and web-phone integration: This allows staff and users to keep track of individual support, no matter which channel the case originates from. This means that phone, email, chat and print and post records are all stored together in one place for each individual service user.
  • Data capture: Our innovative software allows you to create easy-to-complete online forms, tailored to capture whatever information you may need on potential supporters and donors. These can then be used to trigger automated marketing campaigns and user journeys from within the system.
  • Feedback: Feedback and survey functionality allows you to easily create branded online surveys from simple customer satisfaction questionnaires to advanced assessments. Our interface is intuitive and is easy to learn.
  • Analytics: Our powerful in-built reporting suite means that you will be able to report on all interactions for the whole population served, segmented or on an individual user basis. Service, marketing, case management and feedback can all be reported on, which is important for evidencing the impact of your work.
  • Marketing: RightNow has a built-in marketing module, allowing you to create professional marketing emails and send to either a contact list, a segment of service users or in response to individual users’ actions.
  • Campaigns and user journeys: The software allows you to automate email marketing campaigns running in response to user behaviour, so the workload of communicating with potential donors is significantly reduced.
  • Cloud monitor: This tool allows your operators to search for mentions of relevant keywords on social media, and to assess whether the mention is positive, negative or anywhere along the continuum using Smart Sense. The system then enables the operative to respond directly from within RightNow and case manage interaction as with all other channels.
  • Live web-chat: Service users can chat to advisers in real time over the web.
  • Integration and data transfer: RightNow is designed to integrate easily with existing systems. This can be done by simple CSV upload, batch or real-time transfer using API.

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