Digital Service Delivery

Connect Assist supplies specialist cloud services to the UK Government through its new G-Cloud
programme. The G-Cloud initiative intends to drive down IT costs, engage more with SME technology suppliers and increase the flexibility of public sector procurement contracts.

Connect Assists digital service platform gives your service users a range of support options including web self-service, smart assistant, mobile services, live chat and social media.

We are able to connect you with your service users in the right place, at the right time when they most need your help.

Is your organisation facing increased demands for your services?

  • Does your organization need to find a more cost effective way of delivering services?
  • Would you prefer that your staff were supporting service users rather than spending time on lower- level, repetitive activities?
  • Do some of your service users prefer to use digital channels (online) to get support?

Key features of the digital service delivery approach include

  • Self-help solutions for your service users. Increasing numbers of people seeking support from an organisation would prefer to help themselves, at least initially
  • Smart Assistant instead of email. Initial enquiries and requests for support can be automatically routed to a digital response, such as an assessment, information or practical solution. When this is integrated with a helpline or service team your organisation can deliver an instant response and automatically prioritise support for most in need of your help
  • Online assessments. Our digital platform allows your service users to complete self- assessments through you website. Connect Assist’s technology directs the appropriate service to them, it assess risk and speeds up response rates
  • Live Chat. The majority of your service users and web visitors will prefer to interact with you via a live chat from your website. Live chat can be proactive allowing you to make contact at the right time in the right place. Proactive live chat can present itself when a web user is reading certain web pages on your site
  • Mobile device applications. Our digital solution comes with mobile applications – out of the box. Now you can deliver services to members of the public ‘on the go!’
  • Social Media service package. Connect securely with your service users through various social channels. Facebook, Twitter and Live Chat

We have a number of public sector clients including:

NHS Plus, delivering advice and information on all health issues to employees and employers of
small to medium sized businesses for the health4work advice line

South Wales Police, 24/7 helpline providing counselling and emotional support

Sussex Police, delivering digital services through the implementation of the RightNow CRM system

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Case Study

NHS Plus - Health 4 Work Adviceline

Since August 2012 we have delivered the free Health for Work Adviceline which is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions. The service provides small businesses with the expert advice and support they need to help team members experiencing ill health and other occupational health issues. The Health for Work Adviceline had a requirement to cut costs, develop a sustainable funding model whilst delivering a high quality service to those who often feel unable to obtain professional occupational health advice due to the smaller size of their business.