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Connect Assist and Oracle are helping to democratize multi-channel citizen services through our Local Government rapid deployment packages designed to reduce the cost and risk of the journey to more efficient digital service delivery.

Download our Chat for Local Government Quick Start data sheet


According to Socitm figures for channel costs in local government are 9 pence per enquiry for the web, as opposed to £2.59 for phone enquiries and £8.21 for face-to-face enquiries. This means that the potential savings as well improvements to customer experience from migrating customer interactions from traditional channels to the web and digital channels are very substantial. Many Local Authorities have begun the journey to multi-channel digital service delivery but concerns about cost often hinder the ability to implement new channels.


Why the Chat Quick Start Package?

Our Chat Quick Start package offers an affordable, low risk way to add chat to your channel mix for citizen service. Oracle are offering a 90 day no cost, no obligation trial subscription, with a £5,000 annual subscription for 5 users beyond the trial period. This is enabled by Connect Assist’s Chat Quick Start rapid deployment package to ensure that the chat system is installed and proving concept rapidly and cost effectively providing a platform for enterprise level chat and customer experience to build on.

Download our Chat for Local Government Quick Start data sheet.


Who is Connect Assist?

Connect Assist is an Oracle Gold Partner Specializing in Oracle Service Cloud. Connect Assist are the UK’s longest established and largest dedicated Oracle Service Cloud partner in the UK.

We are a re-seller, implementer and consultant but this has come from using Oracle Service Cloud as the system behind our own contact centre outsourcing operation. In short we live and breath the quality of our solutions for the success of our business and most importantly for the customer experience and efficiency of our charity and public sector customers.

Examples of Connect Assist’s work in the public sector include:

  • Local Government Children’s Services in partnership with Barnardo’s
  • Lone worker services for Wiltshire County Council
  • Systems and contact centre services as part of the Department of Work and Pensions Fit for Work service
  • Grant management and refugee re-homing services for North Yorkshire County Council


Example customers:




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