• Understanding data protection and preventing a crisis

    With data leaks and scandals on the rise, how can charities protect themselves from the catastrophic impact of a malicious security hack? Data security is a huge issue for charities. Wherever the responsibility of your IT and helpline management lies, every charity has to understand the consequences of a sensitive data leak. Between April 2014 […]

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  • How to keep service running during high volume campaigns

    Every organisation has its peak period, whether it’s a particularly busy day of the week or a hectic ‘rush hour’. The best prepared will have detailed plans in place to deal with these occasions, such as bringing in extra resources, ensuring sufficient staff cover and making sure everyone is kept informed and motivated. Working on […]

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  • Q&A: How do we differ from The Call Centre?

    BBC Three’s The Call Centre documentary has sparked a social media storm. But is it reflective of everyday life in a busy call centre? We talk to one of our dedicated call handlers about her role. The Call Centre – a documentary series based on a Swansea financial services call centre – has caused a […]

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  • Connect Assist launch Comic Relief quit smoking fundraising day

    Connect Assist has launched a quit smoking day to help with fundraising for Comic Relief. In the wake of this week’s No Smoking Day campaign, the Senior Leadership Team of Connect Assist have promised to personally donate to the charity for every member of staff that quits for the day. Staff members must pledge to […]

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  • Service users need you more than ever – And not just when it’s convenient

    An NCVO survey of charity leaders from earlier this year shows that most have a negative outlook on the economic landscape[1]. Given that the last set of figures from Charity Market Monitor[2] prove what we all knew; that charity income has been sliding year on year it’s clear that your concerns have foundation. These headlines […]

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Veterans’ Gateway launched to improve access to welfare services and help veterans receive support


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