• My top five charity smartphone and tablet apps

    In the month that Unicef has launched its pioneering Tap Project, I round up the best smart phone and tablet apps launched by the third sector. You only have to look around you to realise that mobile usage is increasing. Smart phones, tablets and notebooks are progressively becoming the number one choice for internet usage […]

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  • 140 pages vs. 140 characters: How can charities improve the reach of impact reports?

    By Patrick Nash After a leading charity communications consultant claimed that impact reports were ‘deeply boring’ and could be replaced by tweets, I explore the different methods charities can use to explain the difference they make to peoples’ lives. Joe Saxton, co-founder of nfpSynergy, has labeled impact reports “deeply turgid, boring and dull” and suggested that […]

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  • The rise of Buy1Give 1: How can corporate social responsibility help your charity?

    By Patrick Nash This week, I look at the rising not-for-profit organisation, Buy1Give1, and how corporate social responsibility projects – such as charitable donations – can help your charities’ fundraising efforts now and in the future. Over the years many business buzzwords have come and gone.  However, CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is proving to […]

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  • How digital technology can engage hard-to-reach groups

    By Patrick Nash ‘Hard-to-reach’ is a term that describes those sections of the community that are difficult to involve in public participation and to engage with services. It can include people with a mental ill health diagnosis, such as low mood and depression or anxiety, those who misuse substances and people for whom English is […]

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  • Oracle – Join the Experience Revolution

    The charity and public sectors are stretched like never before, with all areas looking at ways of doing more with less. While the technology exists to power 21st Century delivery, the challenge is to create a simple and integrated journey for citizens across multiple channels. Whether seeking emotional support, money advice, in work support,  renewing […]

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  • Service users need you more than ever – And not just when it’s convenient

    An NCVO survey of charity leaders from earlier this year shows that most have a negative outlook on the economic landscape[1]. Given that the last set of figures from Charity Market Monitor[2] prove what we all knew; that charity income has been sliding year on year it’s clear that your concerns have foundation. These headlines […]

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