• 140 pages vs. 140 characters: How can charities improve the reach of impact reports?

    By Patrick Nash After a leading charity communications consultant claimed that impact reports were ‘deeply boring’ and could be replaced by tweets, I explore the different methods charities can use to explain the difference they make to peoples’ lives. Joe Saxton, co-founder of nfpSynergy, has labeled impact reports “deeply turgid, boring and dull” and suggested that […]

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  • The rise of Buy1Give 1: How can corporate social responsibility help your charity?

    By Patrick Nash This week, I look at the rising not-for-profit organisation, Buy1Give1, and how corporate social responsibility projects – such as charitable donations – can help your charities’ fundraising efforts now and in the future. Over the years many business buzzwords have come and gone.  However, CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is proving to […]

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  • Four ways to improve digital service delivery for your charity

    By Patrick Nash Plans to reduce the need for face-to-face government services by improving “confusing” online offerings in the UK have been announced. The Government Digital Strategy Report acknowledges that most people “rarely” use online government services. So services are to be completely overhauled in a bid to improve and streamline service delivery. It is […]

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  • Are charities often too small for the Big Society?

    The Big Society was envisaged as putting more emphasis on charity and voluntary organisations leading the way in delivering services that impact both their own communities and the wider community in the UK. In direct contrast to the espoused ethos of the Big Society, many charities are still finding that their scale is a barrier […]

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Case Study

Helplines Association

The Challenge was to modernise the labour-intensive, paper-based evidence-gathering process for THA’s Helplines Standard accreditation scheme.

Services used: Digital Service Delivery


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