• The no make up selfie certainly does more good than harm!

    This week, I’m blogging about the new craze that has seemingly been flooding social media sites among young people: no makeup selfies. Has your Facebook newsfeed been inundated with the new phenomenon, known as the no makeup selfie? The new social media trend began this week, with many women posting photos of themselves without makeup, […]

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  • How can charities build a social media communications strategy?

    By Patrick Nash With social media transforming the way we communicate, I share my top tips for charities keen to make the most out of these online platforms. Social media is a serious business these days. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now key channels for charities to interact with their prospective volunteers, donors […]

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  • British Red Cross Uses Facebook As Part Of Its First- Aid Campaign

    To mark the launch of the Life. Live It campaign which focuses on issues such as alcohol, drugs, self-harm and traffic accidents, the British Red Cross last week encouraged young people to view a house party live on their Facebook page. Inviting 150 young people to attend the real life party which was being filmed […]

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  • Social Media Sounded Out For Advice

    Monday 18th June 2012 Press Association Young people are using Facebook and Twitter to help them deal with financial, social and emotional problems. People aged between 18 and 24 will also use YouTube and other social media networks to find solutions to problems because they appreciate its availability and speed of answers, according to research […]

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  • Charities Failing To Meet Demand For Services Via Social Media

    New research suggested this is now preferred support channel for many Britons Social media is rapidly becoming the method of choice for Britons when seeking advice or looking to access support services, according to new research launched today by social enterprise business Connect Assist. The findings show a massive eight out of ten 18-24 year […]

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Case Study

Bipolar UK

Awareness of bipolar disorder has increased significantly in recent years and the charity was struggling to manage rising volumes of sometimes very detailed calls from members and the general public.

Services used: Multi-channel Helplines Consultancy


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