• Inside Outsourcing

    Technology? I feel your pain. Back in the days of my first encounters with customer databases in 1992 (many years pre-Connect Assist I should add), we eagerly anticipated the launch of Windows 3 and the ‘world wide web’ had been launched in August the previous year (it’ll never catch on). Our developers created home-built interfaces, […]

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  • Why collaboration needs to be on the radar for the charity sector

    By Ron Moody According to the latest Charity Commission figures, there are currently more than 183,000 charities operating in England and Wales, collectively spending almost £60 billion a year on good causes. A growing number of people, including senior figures within the third sector, are starting to feel the market is becoming crowded. Wherever you […]

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  • Why Wales is the perfect place for our organisation

    As the week of St. David’s Day comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on how our location here in Wales has been so integral in helping us become the organisation we are today. This blog is taken from an article I recently wrote for the The Guardian in the lead up to Connect Assist’s 10th anniversary […]

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  • A charity’s guide on how to make outsourcing work for you

    My last blog looked at how outsourcing contact services can help protect a charity’s reputation. This time here is my advice on what every charity needs to consider outsourcing services to external organisations. When it comes to outsourcing their services, charities often have concerns. And it’s understandable why. Most charities work with very sensitive data, […]

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  • How outsourcing can help protect – and boost – a charity’s reputation

    By Patrick Nash With charity donor communications in the spotlight following the tragic death of Olive Cooke, I explain why outsourced providers must do all they can to help protect a charity’s most valuable asset – its reputation. As I write, charities are facing scrutiny from the media following the death of poppy seller and […]

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  • What outsourced charity contact centres can do better

    This week I look at the benefits of using outsourced contact centres and how they can assist busy in-house teams at charities, who may be experiencing shrinking budgets and increased demand for services. An essential part of a charity’s offering is to provide support and guidance to users. Thanks to the explosion of the internet […]

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Txtm8: Text only sexual health and advice service for 16-25 year olds in London Boroughs


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