• Councils should avoid cuts by ‘spending smarter’ on essentials

    This week, I look at the recent report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which states that councils should cut spending and consider removing some essential services, such as call centre provision. I argue why this action could alienate the vulnerable and digitally excluded, and how they could avoid doing so, while keeping costs down.    The […]

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  • Registrations now open for first public sector contract masterclasses

    The first in a series of government-funded events set up to help voluntary sector organisations win public sector contracts will take place at the end of March. Charities and social enterprises can now register to take part in the first two-day masterclass sessions, which will take place in both Manchester and London on 26 and […]

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  • Charities potentially at risk following the banking reforms

    By Patrick Nash The new draft banking reforms have been met with vast concern from charities and third sector organisations. This is because it seems that in the event of a banking collapse, the Bill as currently drafted will not protect all charities deposits. The Banking Reform proposes to implement the findings of the Independent […]

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  • Will new legislation improve charities’ ability to compete for public sector contracts?

    By Patrick Nash We ask, will the implementation of the new Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 will result in charities being able to compete for public sector contracts on a level playing field? Charities and social enterprises have traditionally struggled to compete with private sector organisations for public sector contracts. This is because large […]

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  • Are charities often too small for the Big Society?

    The Big Society was envisaged as putting more emphasis on charity and voluntary organisations leading the way in delivering services that impact both their own communities and the wider community in the UK. In direct contrast to the espoused ethos of the Big Society, many charities are still finding that their scale is a barrier […]

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  • White Paper – Seizing New Opportunities In Difficult Times

    Welcome to the first Connect Assist Discussion Paper of 2012. In the previous six papers, we examined multiple aspects of how services and civil society organisations can best prepare themselves to serve more people while using fewer resources. The underlying theme has been that charity, voluntary and other civil society organisations must face the new […]

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