• Is your self-help service helping your users?

    Although “customer self-service” seems like a paradox, it is becoming an increasingly prominent feature in today’s customer response landscape, helping organisations to save valuable resources and improve efficiency. Before the widespread use of email, internet-based tools and social media, customer service contact channels were both limited and resource heavy. For many organisations this meant a […]

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  • Shockwaves: Three shock tactic charity video campaigns that worked

    This week I’m blogging about how shock tactics can be used to raise charity profiles, increase awareness of issues and boost donations. I have handpicked my three most effective campaigns designed to shock, provoke thought, and then action. Charities spend millions of pounds growing brand profiles, funding political campaigns and raising awareness of important causes. […]

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  • My top five social media campaigns

    This week, I’m blogging about the best use of social media to help charity campaigns make an impact. Charities are starting to realise the potential of social media to connect with their supporters. And of course, in order to raise the most money and awareness, the key is connecting and engaging with as many them […]

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  • Councils should avoid cuts by ‘spending smarter’ on essentials

    This week, I look at the recent report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which states that councils should cut spending and consider removing some essential services, such as call centre provision. I argue why this action could alienate the vulnerable and digitally excluded, and how they could avoid doing so, while keeping costs down.    The […]

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Sussex Police: Connect Assist created an online help centre and web chat service


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