• Inside Outsourcing

    Technology? I feel your pain. Back in the days of my first encounters with customer databases in 1992 (many years pre-Connect Assist I should add), we eagerly anticipated the launch of Windows 3 and the ‘world wide web’ had been launched in August the previous year (it’ll never catch on). Our developers created home-built interfaces, […]

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  • Making your money last: advice on financial planning for 2015

    Everyone finds budgeting difficult after the festive period. The spending splurges of Christmas coupled with the temptation of the January sales are hard to manage and that’s not even taking into account that January is the longest month of the year. This week I discuss how you can make your hard earned money last throughout […]

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  • The no make up selfie certainly does more good than harm!

    This week, I’m blogging about the new craze that has seemingly been flooding social media sites among young people: no makeup selfies. Has your Facebook newsfeed been inundated with the new phenomenon, known as the no makeup selfie? The new social media trend began this week, with many women posting photos of themselves without makeup, […]

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  • Connect Assist upgrades to cutting-edge phone line technology

    Connect Assist is proud to announce that we have upgraded our telephone line equipment to the very latest, most cutting-edge phone-line technology. We have successfully made the transition from an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) – developed in the late 1980s – to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a technology that transmits calls via a secure internet […]

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Txtm8: Text only sexual health and advice service for 16-25 year olds in London Boroughs


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