• My top five social media campaigns

    This week, I’m blogging about the best use of social media to help charity campaigns make an impact. Charities are starting to realise the potential of social media to connect with their supporters. And of course, in order to raise the most money and awareness, the key is connecting and engaging with as many them […]

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  • The no make up selfie certainly does more good than harm!

    This week, I’m blogging about the new craze that has seemingly been flooding social media sites among young people: no makeup selfies. Has your Facebook newsfeed been inundated with the new phenomenon, known as the no makeup selfie? The new social media trend began this week, with many women posting photos of themselves without makeup, […]

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  • Councils should avoid cuts by ‘spending smarter’ on essentials

    This week, I look at the recent report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which states that councils should cut spending and consider removing some essential services, such as call centre provision. I argue why this action could alienate the vulnerable and digitally excluded, and how they could avoid doing so, while keeping costs down.    The […]

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  • How can charities build a social media communications strategy?

    By Patrick Nash With social media transforming the way we communicate, I share my top tips for charities keen to make the most out of these online platforms. Social media is a serious business these days. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now key channels for charities to interact with their prospective volunteers, donors […]

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  • Q&A: How do we differ from The Call Centre?

    BBC Three’s The Call Centre documentary has sparked a social media storm. But is it reflective of everyday life in a busy call centre? We talk to one of our dedicated call handlers about her role. The Call Centre – a documentary series based on a Swansea financial services call centre – has caused a […]

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  • 140 pages vs. 140 characters: How can charities improve the reach of impact reports?

    By Patrick Nash After a leading charity communications consultant claimed that impact reports were ‘deeply boring’ and could be replaced by tweets, I explore the different methods charities can use to explain the difference they make to peoples’ lives. Joe Saxton, co-founder of nfpSynergy, has labeled impact reports “deeply turgid, boring and dull” and suggested that […]

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